Dale on Employability

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Though you come to university just thinking about the current challenge, surviving the change from home to your new life, you are soon forced to think prematurely about the next great adventure; full time employment. This can come across as incredibly scary and hasty to a lot of people but the main thing you have to remember is to not worry at all! My personal experience is one I think a lot of students have: I came to university not knowing in the slightest what I wanted to do after my time here.

In my first year my ideas grew, I wanted to work with people, and my year travelling across Asia and Australia had only left me with a desire to see more. My friend got me into the student run radio station, opening me up to a whole new world of media and reporting. This led to my interest in journalism. I did a lot of research on how to get into the competitive world of journalism, furthering my prospects by taking on higher roles in the radio station and looking for internships and work experience after university. I rolled with this for a while, but something wasn’t quite right, journalism fascinated me but I found it difficult to see myself being a reporter on the news!

This led me to seek help and organise a few meetings with the Careers and Employment Service. With a mentor assigned to me, we went back to the start and looked at what attracted me to journalism in the first place. This was really helpful to me, and after a few meetings I have settled upon looking at employment in the international development sector. Whether this comes across in the form of humanitarian aid or the diplomatic service is yet to be decided, but this whole experience showed me the benefits of going to a university with such a high employability rate.

The help I received along the way has been fantastic, and I would highly recommend anyone, even those with a clear set idea of what job they want to find after university, to organise a few meetings with the Careers and Employment Service. However what stood out to me the most was the fact that despite my numerous times changing completely what I was focused on, the resources and help available to me were consistently ready to go with these changes. This is the great thing about university: it is a time in your life when you can be as rapid or as slow as you want about the decisions you have to make, especially concerning your future, and the resources are all here for you to do just that!


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