Nifemi – Top tips – 5 Things I wish I’d known in first year

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5 things I wish I’d known in first year:

– Lock you bedroom door as you leave NO MATTER WHAT.

Living in halls of residence in first year I became extremely close to my house mates and we started playing practical jokes on each other. (You can see where this is going). I came back into my room after a long day in Birmingham to find my teddy collection stuck to my bedroom ceiling with a note attached to it saying. “Told you I would get you!

– Don’t go home in the first week you get to university

I got extremely home sick the first week being away from home for the first time ever. It was a reality shock that I was growing up and flying the nest. I had the not so smart idea of going home on the weekend after starting… forgetting that I would be going home to an empty room and have to sleep of the sofa, as my mum had turned my room into her office less than a week after I moved out!

– Don’t over spend

My student finance was extremely late so when it come through I had already used a good amount of my overdraft. I just get everything I ‘needed’ and spent my summer job money paying for it.

– Start coursework early

Ok, so you hear this all the time but it is true. Start on time! Leaving work till last minute means you are in a rush to finish it and could miss important parts that could take your work from being a 2.2 to a 2.1.Procrastination is you enemy!

– Understand how to Referencing

Referencing in a Law essay is annoying and tedious but it has to be done so you might as well do it right.  You can be penalized for plagiarism if it is not done right. And referencing articles and journals is really different. This is a link to help you   trust me you will need it  -

Nifemi 🙂



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