Meet Marsha – Law student

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Why I love Derby

Derby is a fabulous place to live. If you love shopping as much as I do, Intu Derby shopping Centre is to die for!! It’s full of your high street shops, with a handful of slightly higher end retailers, providing affordable prices for students and the public.

If you have children, there are a variety of activities in which they can be involved. The activities vary from children’s play centers at minimal cost, as well as community activities, coordinated by establishments such as Derby City Council.

The culture within Derby is so diverse, with the capability of catering to a range of religious and cultural needs.

The University of Derby has been my second home for the past 4 years, and admittedly I love it! The community element of the university is brilliant; as there are so many activities in which students can be involved. Having the option to join societies is a prime example, accommodating individual needs, interests and passions.

Student life is fantastic! Whether you’re an individual who likes to party, a student parent, slightly reserved, or maybe even adventurous, Derby student life is tailored to suit the needs of each and every individual.

Marsha Carty 🙂


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