Let’s talk about academics – Marsha

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Marsha on the University of Derby – Staff

The Law School at the University of Derby is fantastic! Why? you may ask!

It would be a good idea to start with the staff, and the important role they play.

The members of staff within the school of Law and Criminology are friendly, approachable non-judgemental and extremely accommodating. The staff will be there for irrespective of the circumstances.

Whether it be an academic issue, a personal matter, or even if you’re feeling fed up, approach one of the team and they’ll be happy to help and all information shared will remain confidential. If there is an issue which they cannot solve, you’ll be directed to the appropriate person. Do not be afraid to talk to someone, they are here to help!

Each member of staff retains a wide range of experience, having practiced in the legal world, prior to teaching, contributing a substantial amount of skill and knowledge. With both the practical element merged with academic knowledge, this provides substance towards your learning.

Marsha 🙂

University of Derby Law students in gowns outside the University


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