Dale – Day to day of a Historian

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When people hear the word historian, many imagine someone spending all of their time in a library buried in books and journals, with little time for other things. This is certainly not the case with me, so to show you what goes on for a second year historian, here is a walkthrough of a typical day for me:

9:00am – Despite a lack of sleep an early start is needed (before you argue; yes, 9am is early!). Breakfast is a huge bowl of cereal, followed by quickly checking emails.

10:00am – By this point I have made it in to uni. Despite my house being a solid half hour walk away from the Kedleston Road site, the free shuttle bus service from the Britannia Mill campus makes the walk a lot shorter, and warmer. I bumble into the library, taking a study booth in the silent top floor section.

11:30am – The hour and a half of reading has been very productive. My reading has been centred on our chosen Public History topic, Law and Democracy. For this I chose a few journals from the online catalogue and narrowed down our group’s ideas to form a proper question we can propose to our lecturers.

12:00pm – A quick half hour meeting with the student radio committee was equally productive. As a member of the committee we have to decide how to run the station on a day to day basis, involving scheduling the broadcasts, attending events across the university campuses and general organisation. This meeting was focused on discussing our marketing campaign over Refreshers.

12:30pm – After a quick lunch at the university with some friends, I head off to the Rowing Club for training.

3:30pm – Training was tough; 3 hours of intense exercise only broken up by a couple of 10 minute breathers outside. Even though I hurt all over, especially my legs, the walk back from the club is a nice time to cool off.

4:30pm – An unintended half hour nap forced me to rush my tea, chicken and rice, that my housemate very kindly made in our new slow cooker. Despite this, naps are now an almost central part of my life! Time to walk back to uni, though this time I miss the bus.

5:00pm – Back in university after a cold walk in, and I’m in the Academic Centre Reception on the 5th floor of E Block. Part of my job as a Subject Ambassador involves a call centre-type situation, ringing prospective students and informing them about our upcoming applicant days. 3 hours at a desk can be tiresome, but we’re kept happy by free pizza and sandwiches all night, and the other subject ambassadors are a lot of fun.

8:30pm – Back home after a very long day and finally a bit of time to relax. I chat with my housemates, eat any food I can get my hands on, and see a couple of friends who come round.

10:00pm – The work never stops however! A couple of hours more of reading and planning keeps me up to date with any work I have got to do for the history course.

1:00am – Finally time for sleep! A good 7 hours resets me for the next day, with much of the same stuff going on!



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