Dale – Things to do in University: Sports

#chooseDerby, Dale T, Derby Uni

In my last post I mentioned the two sides of things to at university, one of them being options provided by the Students Union. Well the sports provided is another major part of our SU, but this time coming under the wing of the Athletic Union (AU) and Team Derby combined.

Similar to a society, sports teams are run by a central committee that you have a chance to join and take part in the running and organising of the club. They also offer full training and membership opportunities meaning that if you have been involved in a sport or activity for a long time, or are completely knew to it, you will fit right in!

The teams are a great way to meet new people and work with them towards a common goal; winning! Competitions are held throughout the year and organised by your teams. This can come in the form of the BUCS (British University and Colleges Sport) competition, an all year round points based table (of which Derby currently sits at 59, with a push to reach the top 50 currently going on), or Varsity, the intense rivalry against our local opponents at the University of Northampton. Each year the venue changes, one year at Derby Uni, the next at Northampton, resulting in a very competitive and exciting week supporting our teams! We can proudly say that last year was our year, with the final points coming in from a dramatic tennis match!

With over 40 teams on offer at Team Derby there is a lot to choose from. Sports fairs are held at various times throughout the year so even if you don’t manage to join in September there is always the chance to join later, don’t be afraid of missing out!

The advice stands almost the same as the advice from my society post: Try new things and have fun with it, as it all makes up for an amazing university experience.


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