Our Applicant Day!

#chooseDerby, #DerbyStudent, Derby Uni, Digital Ambassador Derby, Nifemi M

On Saturday 31 January, the University of Derby held the first of its applicant day series which was a perfect chance for the university to showcase itself to prospective students and their parents.

We had a selection of taster lectures so students would understand what lectures would be like and mostly what their selected courses would require. This was also a perfect opportunity for parents and students to talk to the course coordinators about the courses, asking any questions they had about the academic layout of them.

There were different stands for the students to visit such as the affordable accommodation that the University of Derby provides. They also provided tour buses so parents and students could go see the halls of residence available in Derby. This made the parents I spoke to feel included in the university experience. There was also talks given specifically for parents giving them the opportunity to ask questions they may have not wanted to ask with their children present.

It was also the perfect opportunity to showcase University of Derby’s joint honour scheme as some students did not know they could combine courses they enjoyed and shape their own learning.

The interaction with the university gave the prospective students the chance to look around the university see the different facilities available to them and assess how they can be involved in the bigger picture.

It was beneficial for the students as they had the one-on-one interaction with lecturers which is something completely new to them but would give them the reassurance needed that they would get all the help needed within their course. The focus of the day was to give them the University of Derby experience and I think that was successfully done.


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