Dale – Things to do in University: Get involved

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The past two of my posts have been centred around what is on offer through the Students Union; Societies and Sports. The final part of this is the democratic side of the SU.

While it may sound extremely boring, the simple truth about our Students Union is that it is governed by students, for students. This means that any query, complaint, recommendation and prospect you feel is covered or should be covered by the University as a whole can be taken up with the Students Union to help you. They are there for you.

The democratic side of the SU means that if you want to change something about the student experience at university, then you have the chance to! This can include representing a society or sports team on their committee, presenting and supporting your own policies in Union Council meetings, becoming programme representatives or even attending the National Union of Students various conferences.

During your time at uni you also have the option to represent a larger number of students than just yourself. Elections are held for different positions throughout the year: Course Representatives, Liberation Officers, Campus Representatives, Part-Time Officers and Officer Trustees are just some of the larger examples, with the Officer Trustees being the 5 head roles in the SU. With 32 positions available in the yearly elections, if there is something you want to change, the option to do so is definitely there. To find out more head over to the UDSU website, http://www.udsu.co.uk/democracy/officers/

The main aim of the Students Union is to improve the experience of university. If you want this to happen, not just for yourself but for any future students, then the best way is to simply get involved!


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