Nifemi’s guide to surviving Halls of Residence

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Hi everyone,

Here’s what I think you all need to know about surviving life in halls:

  • Student finance England

Your student finance does not come through on the day that you move into halls of residence – it usually takes a couple of days. It’s good to arrive with a little bit of money to keep you going until it arrives and check to see when you are being paid.

  • You need to know how to work a washing machine

I know it sounds like something everyone should know but in first year, 3 out of my 8 housemates had never worked a washing machine before let alone a dryer!

  • No mum and dad to do things for you

There are no parents around to do the basic things of life like food shopping for you so you actually have to go to the shop yourself. A ‘quick tip’ when shopping – make a list and don’t deviate from it.

  • ‘Cooking is not for everyone, but there is always a pot noodle’ she said

Livings in halls you need to be able to feed yourself to not only prevent yourself from going hungry but to also protect your bank account from ‘don’t cook, just eat’. Eating a home cooked meal can do a lot keeping you healthy and ensuring you are having a balanced diet.

  • ‘Where are my keys?’

Living in halls, your key becomes the one thing you are forever looking for. Try and keep it in a visible place and remember it before you leave home at all times. Being locked out is not fun especially when none of your housemates are in. Don’t worry if it does happen, you could always be let in by the halls of residence porter.

  • Don’t panic!

For many of you it will be your first time away from home. Make your room as comfortable as you can. Put up pictures to remind you of friends and family. That room becomes yours for the year the moment you move in and make sure you love the way it looks and feels because you will be in it a lot more than you think! All the halls of residence staff are trained in student wellbeing and do not behave like a landlord but rather your friend.

  • Say goodbye to the ‘sound of silence’

Everyone else is in the same situation you are in and everlasting party’s in halls are just the start. It may be useful to get ear plugs for that night you need sleep. Noisy neighbours sometimes come with the territory but if it gets too bad (unlikely) you can call halls of residence security.

  • The night time fridge raiders

Can you imagine anything scarier than someone eating all your food for the week? Coming back to find bite marks in your cheese and half your waffles missing.  You could label your food but that is still a chance of it being eaten.  You just have to have that talk with your housemate to ensure they understand not to eat your food.

Check out our website for more info on the halls at Derby.

Thanks for reading, I hope this helps!

Nifemi 🙂

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