Marsha – How to shop on a budget.

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This week I’m going to talk about maximising the potential of student funding!

Being a student, whether it’s full time or part time, can come with some budgeting difficulties.

Whether you’re a single person, or an individual with a family to support, there are supermarkets that will allow you to maximise your money to its full potential.

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which are considered high end supermarkets, offer products at fairly expensive rates, with no dispute to the quality each of these retailers have to offer. However, supermarkets such as Asda, that constantly has offers, are perfect for the brand junkies amongst us! If you shop at Asda and haven’t already noticed, you will find that you’ll spend more money on items you don’t necessarily need.

DANGER ALERT! Are you really making a saving? Or are you spending for the sake of it? Shopping for the sake of it definitely applies to me. Well, it would be rude to bypass a good bargain!

Retailers, such as Aldi and Lidl, provide relatively good quality products at reduced prices. And some non-perishable goods such as baked beans, pasta (including sauces) and canned vegetables are half the price of what you would pay in the higher end supermarkets, providing the same quality standards.

With regards to fruit and vegetables, Asda and Tesco’s fruit products tend to have a limited shelf life as does all fruit. However, from experience, I have found fruit and veg purchased from a supermarket such as Aldi, tend to last longer and in all honesty taste better; In terms of cost, again much cheaper, with a longer shelf life.

The link below will allow you to view all the products and prices of the most popular supermarkets, enabling you to compare on contrast the basic and branded ranges.

Overall, shopping at supermarkets that offer a cheaper alternative will enable you to maximise your money. Purchasing cheaper products, that mimic branded foods and taste equally as good, or even better is worth a shot.

Go on, give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

If at any point you find you are struggling to finance your needs, please contact our Student Wellbeing Student Money Advice and Rights Team (SMART) on 01332 592000 or you can email, who may be able to offer financial assistance, or provide an alternative.

The Discretionary Support Fund For students that are experiencing financial hardship, there may be additional funding available to you. The Discretionary Support Fund provides individuals with financial assistance, if unforeseen circumstances were to occur, providing a lump sum payment. The amount awarded is based on each student’s individual need and will be calculated accordingly. Applications for the Discretionary Support Fund need to be made via the Student Wellbeing Service, using the contact details above.

I really hope this helps!


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