Dale – Scared of going to uni? No worries.

#DerbyStudent, Dale T, Derby Uni

It’s natural. You’re moving away from home, from safety and, certainly for the majority of people, from everything you’ve been comfortable with for most of your life. But this is the ‘next chapter’ as they say, your big step into the big world!

When you get to uni the first few weeks will be absolutely mental. Not in the sense that the glorious 2 weeks of Freshers happens (but I’m not saying it doesn’t), but in the sense that you will be doing so many things that are new to you, and meeting so many people you will start to forget names! But the wonderful thing is that everyone is going through the same thing. You will inevitably be pushed into doing fresh activities, coupled with it being in a place you may have never even been to before, but the thing to remember is that it’s all fun! University is designed to push and challenge you, designed to let you reach your full potential, so there is nothing here that will purposefully scare you away!

Even when the initial buzz of starting your uni life is over, you can willingly look forward to the rest of your time here! Even though I am just over half way through my time at university (now THAT is a scary thought), I can personally say that uni has been the best time of my life, and the opportunities available here are unmatched. And that comes from someone who took a year out to travel the world!

So in short; yes, be scared of starting uni. It’s only natural, and everyone else will be feeling the same as you. But more importantly, look forward to all the prospects now open to you at the University of Derby!


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