Scott – Finding love at uni

#DerbyStudent, Digital Ambassador Derby

As I walked into the office today, I wasn’t 100% sure what I was going to be blogging about. So, rather stupidly some of you may say, I asked the guys what they thought would make a good topic.

Georgie piped up rather enthusiastically: “Do it on finding love at university because it’s nearly Valentine’s Day!”

I initially thought that it wasn’t a bad idea, but then as I thought more about what I was going to write, I realised that maybe it might be the opposite.

I wouldn’t go as far to say as I’m a total hopeless romantic, but I wouldn’t say that I’m the idealistic Romeo either. I did, however, meet my girlfriend here in Derby, so maybe I can give some advice and share a bit of life experience with you all.

Me and my girlfriend met at a vintage clothing fair at a venue just outside of the city centre. We went along with some friends and we were there for a good part of the day, so we got chatting and were getting along really well.

As clichéd as this may sound, when I first saw her, I was bowled over. I was smitten the whole time and was just trying to put over a good impression of myself and try not to scare her away at the same time!

After the clothing fair, we went to look around the RSPCA animal centre that was close by and had fun seeing all of the animals there, especially a little Labrador puppy called Sunny who we both wanted to take home with us.

I actually did pretty well at this point not to ruin it completely, I must add.

I’m very allergic to cats, and my girlfriend loves them, so obviously, being in the cattery was bitter-sweet for me.

I didn’t want to potentially ruin anything by saying I hate cats or sneezing on her or having to leave, but I was really enjoying spending time with her, so I fought through the pain barrier.

When the day was over, I raced home and added her on Facebook immediately and started pestering, I mean, ‘talking’ to her from then.

We eventually ended up going for a drink and then started seeing each other more and more, and before you knew it, we were an item!

That was all over two years ago now and I’m very happy with our relationship and I’m planning a few little surprises for her this Valentine’s Day.

You may find yourself doing the same thing when Valentine’s Day 2015 rolls around, because it is easier than you might think to fall for someone at uni.

There are people you will see on a very regular basis during your time here, and this can be because of many different reasons.

Some people you will meet by chance, as me and my girlfriend did, and then end up spending loads of time with them from then on.

I have friends who are couples that met when they were living in halls together, so obviously, they saw each other every day.

This also helped them decide that after moving out from halls, that they wanted to get their own place together, which wasn’t a problem seeing as they already knew what living together was like.

They still have heated debates about the house work even now though, I can promise you.

Maybe you’ll end up spending a lot of time with someone on your course, as you’re going to be seeing them an awful lot too.

But the most likely way that you’ll meet someone is probably through seeing a lot of them, no matter how you first meet.

It’s quite a good way to meet actually, as you get to really get to see what your significant other is like in all aspects: cleanliness, cooking skills, everything you need to know going forward in a relationship!

This is probably the best thing about meeting someone at uni, you really get to see the bigger picture with them, and that’s something I don’t think you get a lot before you arrive.

It’s definitely helped me and my girlfriend, as we’ve both got plans in place for once we graduate to start our lives together in Derby and kick off from there: something we’re both really excited about.

So, that’s my happily ever after! I’ll be treating my girlfriend this Valentine’s to some presents and a nice meal out, even if it is booked for the 15th. My 21st birthday on the 13th might mean we have to postpone Valentine’s for a day due to ‘illness’!




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