Dale – What actually goes on here?!

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I’ve talked a lot about what is on offer at the university in my old posts. I like doing this, it shows what you can actually do as a uni student, what makes it different from home basically. But I realised today that I haven’t talked about the general things that just make it our uni.

This week is a good example actually, there has been a surprising amount of events in the Atrium, the central hub in university everything that isn’t a lecture or a sport goes on. I can’t remember the exact days all this stuff was on, but here’s a general list:

Every Tuesday and Thursday different food stalls set up for the day. My personal (and I’m pretty sure every student’s favourite) is Cyril’s Cupcakes. They sell some of the best and most varied brownies, cakes, sweet loafs and buns around, for as little as £1! Next to them is the pastry stall, having an equally wide range of savoury foods to help you get through the day. Just across from him is the crepe guy, whose name unfortunately escapes me, but you can guess what he sells. Tasty tasty!

Earlier this week the Careers service hosted a volunteering fair. Perfect for anyone looking for something cheap and good willed to do over summer, a number of different charitable organisations set up stalls to offer anything from building playgrounds in Africa, to exploring Caribbean jungles, to campaigning for Human Rights in Central Asia. Something I found particularly helpful was the Careers service offering a quick CV check on the same day.

At the top of the Atrium near the library, a local bike repair shop came in for the day to offer free checks on your bike, and other cheap additions. You could simply wheel your bike in through the double doors, drop it off there whilst you go for a lecture and pick it up when you’re done! Cheap and easy, and just another benefit of the Atrium!

As I’m sure many of you have (hopefully) heard, May 7th is the national election. Therefore to promote our form of democracy, the Students Union have been running a campaign to get as many students to register for the vote. By the end of the week the SU hope to have signed up over 500 students! Tables set up around the atrium on various days have helped to spread this word, where you can fill in the brief online registration form,

A recent complaint from the Student Parents Officer was that it is hard for student parents to multitask having children and completing a university degree as there is nowhere for the student to leave their child during study. In response to this the SU organised a day event in the centre of the Atrium so that the students could leave their children. There were bouncy castles, soft play equipment and even performances from our very own Derby Ravens Cheerleading squad to keep the kids entertained.

Something you will often see posted around uni are flyers featuring information on student Psychology studies going on at the university. T Block is the official Psychology area, with various different experiment rooms for the students to complete their studies in. Their tests need students to take part, so what better way to convince them of this than to have rewards! Chances of winning gift vouchers for shops, a simple cash bonus or even a selection of sweets is always enough to entice a few students into taking part. You will see these flyers posted around the campuses.

Though not often as fun as the other activities, guest lecturers often visit the uni to give one time lectures and seminars on certain subjects. Most of them might not be of any interest to you, but a few of them will spark your interest, and they are always free to attend.

For me it is this kind of thing that really makes uni a different style of life to home, there really can be anything you can think of on offer here!


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