Dale – Essay fun!

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Though it isn’t even half way through the term, I can feel the deadlines closing in! This term while technically easier as I have less teaching hours, is a very hectic one, and that is the same across all courses in spring I can imagine!

After Easter we deliver our Public history Conference (more information about this soon), and our Research Project is due in. This is one I am particularly excited about; though a lot of work has to be done for it, as there naturally would be for a 4000 word essay, it is the first time we are given complete full reign over what area of history you want to research. It’s a large task in the beginning, narrowing down your subject, but once you find your personal interest it is a very exciting project to undertake! Personally I am looking at how the 1947 Indian Partition affected the nation, and the end of the British Empire.

Aside from those two modules there is the compulsory ‘European Imperialism and Decolonization, 1757-1960’ module, handily having very close ties with my research project, and the two optional modules ‘The Making of Modern Medicine’, and ‘Europe Between Wars, 1918-1939’. The first term offered the ‘Research Project’ teaching module, the ‘Society, Culture and Politics in the First World War’ module, and the three optional modules ’Goodbye Lenin’, ‘Gender and Sex 1685-1870’ and ‘European Cultural Identities and Ethnic Minorities’.

As you can see, there’s a lot of work. You only choose two of the optional modules, but the grand total of words you are required to write in second year is… 16,000!!

Even for me that is a scary amount of writing. But it all comes in moderation, so try not to worry… Too much!


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