Scott – Some of my most memorable uni moments

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When you come to university, it goes without saying that you make a lot of memories along the way.

You’ll find yourself at the centre of stories you’ll remember for the rest of your life, and hear tales from around your campus and beyond of some of the craziest things that you could imagine.

Because uni brings together so many different people from all over the place, there’s no end of things that can and, inevitably, will happen.

As I draw nearer and nearer to the end of my time as a student, I’ve found myself frequently reminiscing on some of the things that have happened during my time in Derby.

So I thought I’d share them here for the amusement of you guys.


1. Coming home to find my flat mate ‘locked out’ of his room, sleeping on the floor

Being a student in his third year at uni, there was obviously going to be the odd drunken tale appearing in this list! This one just happens to crack me up every time I think back to it.

Me and my flat mate were on a night out in Derby in our first year and it was getting on into the early hours of the morning. After not seeing him for a while, I realised that I’d lost him. I couldn’t find him anywhere at all so decided to check my phone. To my surprise, I had a few missed calls and texts from him. I read the texts and they informed me that he’d gone home about half an hour ago but was somehow locked out of his room at Princess Alice Court. Luckily for him, I was just about to head home via a pizza place anyway so I told him not to worry.

untitledI got back into the flat and when the lights came on, I burst out laughing. There, on the floor, curled up in a ball using the oven gloves as a pillow, was my flat mate. Through fits of laughter, I woke him up and asked for his key so I could try his door. I’d just about managed to pull myself together as I tried his door. It was already unlocked, he just couldn’t fathom how to open his door. Upon realising this, he walked into the shower room for some reason. He’d first tried to sleep in there, making a little nest out of his jacket and tshirt and, as he informed me, the oven gloves. I laughed so hard it hurt and I’ve never let him live it down!

2. Meeting my girlfriend

It’s a bit soppy, I know, but this has to the best thing to come out of uni. I have been fortunate enough to meet my wonderful girlfriend here in Derby, and I would never have even knew who she was if I hadn’t decided to come here.

I’m from Leicester and she’s from Gloucester, so we’re from two completely different parts of the country. It’s crazy to think that we would never have met if we both decided to go to different universities, so you can understand why I’m very glad that we both chose to come here!

Being at uni together has allowed us to share all of our experiences and grow up together. Now we’re ready to get our own place, jobs and grow up. I’m getting old!

3. Our TV news days in 2014

As part of my Journalism course, we have to do TV news days. These are where we spend the day putting together a news bulletin as if it was going out on air. So we all have stories that we’ve filmed or partly filmed in preparation for it, and we did some stories on the day as well. They ran for two consecutive days in April after teaching had finished, which could have been seen as a negative, but I enjoyed the days so much that I really didn’t care.

I was the producer on one day and a new reader on the other, and I enjoyed both roles immensely. It was just great to work with all of my class mates on something that really did look very professional and that I’m very proud of to this day. It was really stressful though, that’s the only down side to the whole experience.
4. The first night of freshers

For me, this is one of the best, craziest, strangest nights of my life. After going through the stress of moving my whole life into my room at Princess Alice and slowly getting it the way I wanted it, then saying emotional goodbyes to my parents, I was left alone. I met my flat mates and a few people I’d met on Facebook before I arrived to have a few drinks before we all went into the courtyard to be escorted to the Student Union bar by Residential Assistant (a student who lives in halls who is there to help you out with anything you may need). On the walk to the SU, I met a lot of people and made some new friends, but it was just so bizarre. Everything was new, I had no idea where I was going or what I was doing, I was just aiming to stay in one piece! The SU was extremely busy and packed with fellow first years. I’d never been to a city on a night out before this, so I was a bit blown away!

After a while, me and a lad I’d become friends with got a taxi into town with some people we just happened to bump into and went to a few bars. I imagesXQHNNPWLsaw a friend from home who was a second year at the time and remember saying to her: “This is mad!” It was. I saw people doing some very random things that night and just remember thinking to myself that coming to uni was a great decision. It was a really great night and one I’ll never forget.

5. The accent debate

There’s one conversation that I don’t think anyone hasn’t had at uni: the one about how your accent is different or ‘weird’ to anyone who isn’t from where you are.

Me and my flat mate were once sat in the kitchen having a very long, in depth chat about how different our accents are. We were both naming things to say and see how differently we pronounced them.

He seemed to draw the conclusion that because he’s from Cambridge, his accent is posh and mine was common, or ‘dirty’ as he liked to keep saying. It was a very fun


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