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It suddenly dawned on me today that I haven’t actually told you about the real stuff we learn about in History. Seeing as this is basically my job, let me introduce you to the course!

You start in first year (naturally), with a few induction days. These get you introduced to the history course, and the rest of your course mates and lecturers. You will most likely go to Kedleston Hall (a VERY nice country house located near the city) for the day where you’ll look around and generally mingle with all these new people. You’ll also go on tours around the city, and maybe even stop in at a few pubs along the way…

Throughout the year the courses you’ll do cover British history from the mid-1400s to mid-1900s (across two separate modules), and the same again but in wider Europe. You also look at Russia mid-1800s to early 1900s, and finally a more general history skills module. In addition to this there is always the chance to go on trips to places like London and the nearby Peak District, just to further your experience with history at Derby.

Second and third years are much of the same, but obviously with different modules and available activities. Modules in second year include a look at the First World War, Ethnic and Cultural Minorities in Europe, Gender roles through the ages, Europe between wars, and how medicine has changed in the past 500 years. The Public History module is about delivering your very own history conference (more information on that soon!), and of course the research project is a smaller version of the third year dissertation.

Speaking of which, the so-called monster that is the dissertation comes in the final year. The straight up 10,000 word project is surrounded with more modules ranging from looking at country houses, the rise and fall of Yugoslavia, China through the ages, and a look at diplomacy and international relations around the world.

As you can see the History course in general offers so much variety that it’s difficult to find something you won’t enjoy whilst you’re here. There’s a lot to do, but I promise you’ll enjoy it.


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