Global Development International Relations – Tanzania.

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A group of 24 students from the University of Derby, studying Joint Honours Development Studies and International Relations have successfully undergone a 2 week intensive course as part of their undergraduate degree programme. The course, led by Dr Francis Jegede, involved educational trips to a number of international Non-Governmental Organisations including the World Vision and other agencies involved in development projects in Africa and Asia.

During the trip, students visited schools, hospitals, nature reserves and conservation projects, co-operative and women’s projects, health care programmes, cultural centres etc.,  in urban and rural areas of Arusah and Moshi in, northern Tanzania.

The tour enabled students to meet government officials, development NGOs’  workers and other local people involved in community projects and programmes aimed at improving living condition for people in Northern Tanzania. Amongst the themes explored by students on this trip are – agriculture, land use and conservation, health and healthcare projects, gender and development, tourism, access to credit and rural cooperative schemes.

The practical knowledge gained by students through this field course links well with development and international relations theories they’ve learnt in lectures. This linkage between theory and practice and the global reach of International Relations and Global Development course at Derby, makes Derby University a unique provider of development education.

The students came away with great satisfaction and appreciation of the challenges facing people living in low income countries. Students’ feedback on the trip has been overwhelmingly positive. They all indicated in their feedback that  the Tanzania trip has been a life changing experience for them and has prepared them immensely for the world of work in the field of international relations and development.

-Franc Jegede



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