Let’s get involved! Marsha – Criminology

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At the University of Derby, we provide opportunities for local schools and colleges to become involved in what the university has to offer. As Ambassadors, we also visit schools and colleges outside of Derby, in order to broaden the student’s horizons outside of their local area. We ensure that the activities designed are age appropriate, ranging from interactive games, workshops and practical delivery.

On behalf of the School of Law, we are keen to get young individuals involved in what we do at the university, providing them with taster sessions, and activities in relation to law, enabling them to walk in the shoes of as student lawyer for a day or sometimes for a week.

One of the local schools we work very closely with is Landau Forte College. The students have the opportunity of spending a week with the School of Law and Criminology.

The sessions are usually led by lecturers; however, current University of Derby students can also be involved in the delivery. Having current students from the university assisting during the process, school students have the opportunity to ask questions and voice any queries they may have to both lecturers and students.

This process allows students to take part in debates relating to current issues, the opportunity of advocating, representing a fictional client in court. During this time, the students will also be provided with the relevant skills such as how to address the court, and how to present a case in court. During the experience the students will also be provided with the skill of negotiation, in view of obtaining the best possible outcome for their client, again this is based on a fictional scenario. Prior to all activities, the students will be provided with the basic skills and knowledge, in order to be able to deal with such a situation.

Some of the other activities the students can get involved in range from, Plea mitigation application and sentencing presentation, bail applications both with the use of a fictional character/s and also having the chance to visit the Crime Scene house which has recently been designed for criminology students, in order to obtain evidence from a fictional crime scene. This provides students with an understanding of how to manage and investigate a crime scene using safe and ethical practices.

University’s benefit

Community involvement is key!  Planting a seed in the heads of these youngsters is what the university aims to do. The intention is to recruit prospective students.  With the provision of the taster sessions, tours, an introduction to the study facilities and the opportunity to talk to current students, enables potential students to establish whether this is something they want to be a part of.

Taster sessions are available in certain faculties within the university, why not get involved!

For further information on the taster session, please view the following links.






Marsha – How to shop on a budget.

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This week I’m going to talk about maximising the potential of student funding!

Being a student, whether it’s full time or part time, can come with some budgeting difficulties.

Whether you’re a single person, or an individual with a family to support, there are supermarkets that will allow you to maximise your money to its full potential.

Supermarkets such as Sainsbury’s and Tesco, which are considered high end supermarkets, offer products at fairly expensive rates, with no dispute to the quality each of these retailers have to offer. However, supermarkets such as Asda, that constantly has offers, are perfect for the brand junkies amongst us! If you shop at Asda and haven’t already noticed, you will find that you’ll spend more money on items you don’t necessarily need.

DANGER ALERT! Are you really making a saving? Or are you spending for the sake of it? Shopping for the sake of it definitely applies to me. Well, it would be rude to bypass a good bargain!

Retailers, such as Aldi and Lidl, provide relatively good quality products at reduced prices. And some non-perishable goods such as baked beans, pasta (including sauces) and canned vegetables are half the price of what you would pay in the higher end supermarkets, providing the same quality standards.

With regards to fruit and vegetables, Asda and Tesco’s fruit products tend to have a limited shelf life as does all fruit. However, from experience, I have found fruit and veg purchased from a supermarket such as Aldi, tend to last longer and in all honesty taste better; In terms of cost, again much cheaper, with a longer shelf life.

The link below will allow you to view all the products and prices of the most popular supermarkets, enabling you to compare on contrast the basic and branded ranges.


Overall, shopping at supermarkets that offer a cheaper alternative will enable you to maximise your money. Purchasing cheaper products, that mimic branded foods and taste equally as good, or even better is worth a shot.

Go on, give it a try, you might surprise yourself!

If at any point you find you are struggling to finance your needs, please contact our Student Wellbeing Student Money Advice and Rights Team (SMART) on 01332 592000 or you can email smart@derby.ac.uk, who may be able to offer financial assistance, or provide an alternative.

The Discretionary Support Fund For students that are experiencing financial hardship, there may be additional funding available to you. The Discretionary Support Fund provides individuals with financial assistance, if unforeseen circumstances were to occur, providing a lump sum payment. The amount awarded is based on each student’s individual need and will be calculated accordingly. Applications for the Discretionary Support Fund need to be made via the Student Wellbeing Service, using the contact details above.

I really hope this helps!


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Wanna know more about finance? Here’s you chance! Pt 2.

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Hi everyone,

So last week I started talking about the financial options available to students who are also parents and this week I’ve found some more pearls of wisdom for you all 🙂

Jobseekers allowance

Being a parent has a slight financial advantage when it comes to applying for certain benefits. During the summer months, once your student funding has run out, you have the opportunity to apply for Jobseeker Allowance. You will be in receipt of this until you return to university in September. During this time, you may be entitled to full Housing Benefit (this is subject to your household income).

For further information, and to apply for Jobseekers Allowance, follow the link below.


Student Wellbeing Service

Student Wellbeing is a department at Derby uni that offers financial advice along with a range of other services, such as health and wellbeing?

The link below provides further information on the Student Wellbeing Service.


Discretionary Support Fund

For students that are experiencing financial hardship, there’s additional funding available to you. The Discretionary Support Fund provides individuals with financial assistance, if unforeseen circumstances were to occur, providing a lump sum payment. The amount awarded is based on each student’s individual need and will be calculated accordingly. Applications for the Discretionary Support Fund need to be made via the Student Wellbeing Service.


If you are unsure of what you are entitled to in view of state benefits, the link below will provide you with an estimate of what you potentially may receive. Go on, give it a go, you might be surprised.


All in all, there’s a wide range of financial assistance available to you, so don’t allow finances to deter you from studying at the University of Derby.

I did it, so can you!


Wanna know more about finance? Here’s your chance! Pt 1.

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Are you a parent? Worried about the financial implications of university? Do not despair, help is here.

Being a full time student myself, I experienced a variety of financial setbacks, not because there was no financial help available, but due to the fact that I was unaware of what I was entitled to.

If you are considering the University of Derby and worried about the financial implications, don’t allow this to stop you from following your dream.

As a single parent or a parent in general, there is so much financial assistance available to you, within the university itself and assistance from the Government. Working hand in hand, they will aid you and allow you to manage your finances effectively.

 Student Finance England (SFE)

Student Finance England will cover tuition fees set by the University and will pay the fees directly to the University.

SFE also offer financial help in order to get you through your studies. With the provision of student loans and grants, it will provide you with financial stability during your degree. The funding will be paid directly to the student, and can potentially be used for anything you wish, but you need to remember, the money received can also be used to cover bills and everyday living costs.

Providing you are not in receipt of the Working Tax Credit element of Tax Credits, via SFE you will be entitled to the child care element (Child Care Grant), which will cover nursery fees and breakfast/afterschool clubs, claiming up to £155.24 a week for 1 child and up to £266.15 a week for 2 or more children for 2015/2016.

Additional support will also be provided to parents whom wish to study. Parents Learning Allowance is an additional amount provided by Student Finance England, in order to top up your income.

For further information and application details, please follow the link below



You may be eligible for financial assistance towards housing costs. Housing Benefit will assist individuals who reside in rented accommodation, also taking into consideration children and whether children also reside in that property. The amount paid out will be subject to your household income.

The link below, will answer any questions you may have, and also provide the details for application.


Free school meals

If your child is of school age, and as a parent you are unemployed, and a full time student, your child may be eligible for free school meals. Providing you are not in receipt of the Working Tax Credit element of Tax Credits, school meals will be provided for free. (This is subject to your household income).

Council Tax

Being a full time student does have its benefits. As a full time student you will be exempt from council tax, which means you will not be liable to pay council tax during your undergraduate studies.

That’s all for now guys, next week I’ll also discuss job seeker allowances for parents as well the amazing Student Wellbeing Service at Derby.

Let’s talk about academics – Marsha

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Marsha on the University of Derby – Staff

The Law School at the University of Derby is fantastic! Why? you may ask!

It would be a good idea to start with the staff, and the important role they play.

The members of staff within the school of Law and Criminology are friendly, approachable non-judgemental and extremely accommodating. The staff will be there for irrespective of the circumstances.

Whether it be an academic issue, a personal matter, or even if you’re feeling fed up, approach one of the team and they’ll be happy to help and all information shared will remain confidential. If there is an issue which they cannot solve, you’ll be directed to the appropriate person. Do not be afraid to talk to someone, they are here to help!

Each member of staff retains a wide range of experience, having practiced in the legal world, prior to teaching, contributing a substantial amount of skill and knowledge. With both the practical element merged with academic knowledge, this provides substance towards your learning.

Marsha 🙂

University of Derby Law students in gowns outside the University

Meet Marsha – Law student

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Why I love Derby

Derby is a fabulous place to live. If you love shopping as much as I do, Intu Derby shopping Centre is to die for!! It’s full of your high street shops, with a handful of slightly higher end retailers, providing affordable prices for students and the public.

If you have children, there are a variety of activities in which they can be involved. The activities vary from children’s play centers at minimal cost, as well as community activities, coordinated by establishments such as Derby City Council.

The culture within Derby is so diverse, with the capability of catering to a range of religious and cultural needs.

The University of Derby has been my second home for the past 4 years, and admittedly I love it! The community element of the university is brilliant; as there are so many activities in which students can be involved. Having the option to join societies is a prime example, accommodating individual needs, interests and passions.

Student life is fantastic! Whether you’re an individual who likes to party, a student parent, slightly reserved, or maybe even adventurous, Derby student life is tailored to suit the needs of each and every individual.

Marsha Carty 🙂