Criminology students hit the USA!


Students from the University of Derby on a criminology field trip to the USA today enjoyed a fascinating encounter with a leading practitioner in a key area of criminal justice practice.

In a unique learning experience which reflects the growing reputation for cutting-edge criminology for which Derby is renowned, the students spent the day in Hollywood at the world famous Universal Studios, where they met with Melissa Allgood, who is Director of Loss Prevention for Universal (pictured).

Loss Prevention is about fighting crime by preventing financial or other losses in a business environment. It is a crucial area for anyone studying criminology, as every business wants to avoid losing revenue by theft, whether it is by their own employees or by customers.

Few criminology students, however, have the chance to develop their knowledge of this fascinating area by learning about the secrets of loss prevention at first hand from a leading expert in Hollywood.

Melissa drew on over twenty years of practice experience as a leading loss prevention specialist to deliver a dynamic and engaging presentation, which offered the students a comprehensive range of insights into loss prevention.

The students found the whole experience especially useful in understanding how crime can be combated in a large business such as Universal. All were agreed that they learned some invaluable lessons for their future criminological careers.

The students were clearly inspired by Melissa’s generosity in sharing her hard-won secrets and left Universal Studios with the knowledge that few universities can offer students such an ambitious, hands-on learning experience.

The students were accompanied by Dr Phil Hodgson, Head of Criminology, and his colleagues Charlotte Hargreaves and Dr Michael Teague.