Wanna know more about finance? Here’s your chance! Pt 1.

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Are you a parent? Worried about the financial implications of university? Do not despair, help is here.

Being a full time student myself, I experienced a variety of financial setbacks, not because there was no financial help available, but due to the fact that I was unaware of what I was entitled to.

If you are considering the University of Derby and worried about the financial implications, don’t allow this to stop you from following your dream.

As a single parent or a parent in general, there is so much financial assistance available to you, within the university itself and assistance from the Government. Working hand in hand, they will aid you and allow you to manage your finances effectively.

 Student Finance England (SFE)

Student Finance England will cover tuition fees set by the University and will pay the fees directly to the University.

SFE also offer financial help in order to get you through your studies. With the provision of student loans and grants, it will provide you with financial stability during your degree. The funding will be paid directly to the student, and can potentially be used for anything you wish, but you need to remember, the money received can also be used to cover bills and everyday living costs.

Providing you are not in receipt of the Working Tax Credit element of Tax Credits, via SFE you will be entitled to the child care element (Child Care Grant), which will cover nursery fees and breakfast/afterschool clubs, claiming up to £155.24 a week for 1 child and up to £266.15 a week for 2 or more children for 2015/2016.

Additional support will also be provided to parents whom wish to study. Parents Learning Allowance is an additional amount provided by Student Finance England, in order to top up your income.

For further information and application details, please follow the link below



You may be eligible for financial assistance towards housing costs. Housing Benefit will assist individuals who reside in rented accommodation, also taking into consideration children and whether children also reside in that property. The amount paid out will be subject to your household income.

The link below, will answer any questions you may have, and also provide the details for application.


Free school meals

If your child is of school age, and as a parent you are unemployed, and a full time student, your child may be eligible for free school meals. Providing you are not in receipt of the Working Tax Credit element of Tax Credits, school meals will be provided for free. (This is subject to your household income).

Council Tax

Being a full time student does have its benefits. As a full time student you will be exempt from council tax, which means you will not be liable to pay council tax during your undergraduate studies.

That’s all for now guys, next week I’ll also discuss job seeker allowances for parents as well the amazing Student Wellbeing Service at Derby.

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